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Through the Eye of a Needle: Working Women's Dress in the U.S., 1880-1920

1890s Corset V&A.jpg

An examination of the day-to-day dress of working-class women of the nineteenth and twentieth century in the wake of industrial technologies.

Contributors: Tess Will

Not Done Yet: School Desegregation in Wilmington, NC, 1968-Beyond


Contributors: Heather Byrum, Jack Paynter, Conor Sastre, Dr. Jennifer Le Zotte, Dr. Tara White, 50th Anniversary Williston 9th Grade Center group

Controlling Birth

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Items representing 100 years of birth control in the United States, with a specific focus on North Carolina

Contributors: Dr. Jennifer Le Zotte; Kyra McCormick, Rebecca Mullins

Season 1 Mini-sodes: Cape Fear Museum Objects

Includes 10-20 minute episodes each featuring a single item from the Cape Fear Museum. Objects include an 18th-century Irish half-penny, an early…

Season 1 Mini-sodes: Cape Fear Museum Objects